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Alarm Clocks

  • Salora CR612


    User friendly AM/FM clockradio with double alarm

    Digital PLL AM/FM clockradio with double alarm. Equipped with battery back-up, in case of a possible power failure. Snooze and sleep function and with green LED display.

  • Salora CR616


    User friendly AM/FM clockradio with big 1.8″ display.

    Digital alarm clock with sleep and snooze function. Big 1.8″ (4.6cm) dimmable LED display. Including a battery back-up, in case of a power breakdown.

  • Salora CR618P


    Clockradio with AM/FM radio and projection function

    A digital AM/FM clock radio with snooze and sleep function and a 0.9″ (2.3CM) display, dual alarm and backup by battery (not included). With the build in projection function it is possible to project the time on the wall or ceiling.

  • Salora CR624DAB


    Alarmclock with FM and DAB+ radio tuner.

    Alarm clock with DAB+ and FM radio. Sleep and Snooze function and a white LED display. The digital (DAB+) tuner gives the best quality possible in sound and always the correct time.

  • Salora CR626USB


    Design AM/FM clockradio with USB charge function

    A design clockradio with AM/FM radio, sleep and snooze function and an USB connection for charging mobile devices.

  • Salora CRU628DAB


    Design clockradio with DAB+ and FM tuner and with 2 USB charge ports

    Easy to use DAB+/FM clock radio. Enjoy crystal clear digital radio with this DAB+/FM clock radio with double alarm function. Can be used with both AC power and batteries. 2 USB ports available to charge your mobile devices.