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  • Salora AirTable (AW)


    A Bluetooth table speaker with internal battery and USB charge function

    The Salora AirTable (AW) is a beautiful Bluetooth speaker with a unique table design and handsfree feature. Equipped with 2 USB ports to charge your mobile device. The powerful internal battery gives you hours of enjoyment.

  • Salora BTS300


    Bluetooth speaker with built-in battery and card reader

    The Salora BTS300 is a Bluetooth speaker with built-in battery. So you can enjoy your favorite music wirelessly. Stream your music wirelessly to the Salora BTS300 and enjoy your favorite music collection or favorite radio station. Also equipped with AUX jack for your other music carriers and TF card reader.

  • Salora PowerCube 100


    RMS 30W, 3.5mm/Bluetooth/USB/MicroSD, 3Ah Lead-Acid, 289×265×145mm, Black

    Grab the mic and let hear your voice with the Salora PowerCube 100, a rugged cordless party speaker. Connect your mobile device with Bluetooth or use the USB and SD port to rock your music. Equipped with built-in battery and 30W RMS output.

  • Salora SBO360


    A 2.0 channel Bluetooth soundbar with Optical in and 30W power

    This sleek 2.0 channel soundbar with LED indicators and a width of 60 cm comes with both an optical and AUX input and 30W power. Moreover, this model is equipped with a full function remote control.

  • Salora SBO880


    A 2.1 channel Bluetooth soundbar with Optical in and 30W power

    Your home theater is complete with this 2.1 channel Bluetooth soundbar with separate 50W subwoofer, LED indicators and a width of 80cm. Comes with Optical In, AUX input, 30W speaker power and remote control.